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Meet Serpentine Cider

MEET SERPENTINE CIDERABOUT THE NAME The name Serpentine comes from the fact that the two founders, Sean and Lish, are wildlife biologists. One day while surveying for desert tortoises in the Mojave desert and contemplating names for the cidery, Sean nearly stepped on a baby sidewinder. That sealed the name Serpentine Cider! ABOUT THE CIDER [...]
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Meet Meadiocrity

MEET MEADIOCRITYWHERE IT ALL BEGAN Meadiocrity started, like so many small businesses, in a garage, when we made the leap from, “Hey, this homebrew mead is pretty good” to “Hey, people would buy this!...Right?” Launching a craft brewery in Southern California is not a very original plan these days, but we decided to embrace the [...]
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Meet Lost Cause Meadery

MEET LOST CAUSE MEADERYABOUT Lost Cause Meadery was founded in 2017 by Billy (Worker Bee) and Suzanna (Queen Bee) Beltz. Prior to opening the meadery Billy was a national and international award-winning home mead maker, earning over 35 medals in three years including four medals from the Mazer Cup International, the world’s largest mead competition. [...]
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