If you are a local wine, mead and cider maker located in San Diego County, the General Membership is best for you. It is required that your winery, meadery or cidery is licensed as a type 02, that your production facility and tasting room are within the county and in an area devoted primarily to industrial or commercial purposes, and that there are no production vineyards on site.


If you are a local producer of a craft beverage other than wine or you have a local tasting room but your wine is produced outside the county, the Associate Membership is best for you. “Friends of the San Diego Urban Wineries” receive a discounted annual rate + similar benefits to the General Membership with minor exclusions.


Social Media + Marketing Promotion

Social Media Marketing & PR

Our organization features a full-time marketing manager to promote not only our events as an organization, but the individual events and businesses of ALL members. This includes custom designed posts, quality written content, giveaways and more. Our last giveaway saw nearly 100 entries.  We also offer a public relations opportunities, typically to support our events. Last year’s Sip the City event was featured on both FOX 5 San Diego and CBS News 8. We are always certain to promote the members equally.

Collaborative Community

Collaborative Community

SIP San Diego is a collaborative community featuring like-minded, passionate business owners. While the beverages being made might be different, the passion and desire for crafting something delicious to drink is in every member in our organization. Our members share insight, strategies, contacts and so much more with each other.

This organization is an excellent resource for any small business as it features a ridiculous amount of experience and expertise. We’re confident you’ll love our monthly meetings! We enjoy beverages, lunch and talk about upcoming events and promotions. The owners share best practices, news that pertains to other members and much more.

Special Events

Special Events

We produce two events each year but are hoping for more as we continue growing as an organization. Sip the City in Seaport Village is our flagship tasting event and always gets a great turnout. We have live music, light bites and delicious sips all against a beautiful backdrop of the Headquarters at Seaport District.

In 2019, we were excited to head a little more north and produced our first “Sip By The Sea” event on the stunning ocean view deck of the Del Mar Plaza. We had a great turnout and all members were thrilled with the execution.

Passport Inclusion

Passport Inclusion

Our Passports have been a great marketing tool as they drive traffic into the businesses of the members in the organization. The passports are purchased from the organization and offer a tasting at each of the members.

We can tell you that ALL of our members love the Passport as more often than not, a purchase is made after the free tasting. You could say it’s worth joining the organization simply for the Passport!




    Are you applying for a General Membership or an Associate Membership?

    If you are applying for a General Membership, please read below and check the box to certify the following is true.

    • Your winery is licensed as a Type 02 by, following the rules of, and in good standing with California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (hereafter “ABC”).

    • All of the winery’s production facilities along with any facilities used for the production of wine for the winery (e.g. custom crush facilities) are at an Appropriate Location*

    • While wine purchased in bulk and not produced by the winery does not need to be produced at an Appropriate Location*, the types and amounts of such wine shall not violate ABC rules.

    • If the winery operates one or more tasting rooms, at least one tasting room is at an Appropriate Location*. Any additional tasting rooms not at an Appropriate Location maintain signage indicating where the wines are produced, and these tasting room locations may be excluded from promotion by SDUW at the Board’s discretion.

    • The majority of products sold (by quantity and revenue) by your winery are wines produced from fruit or fruit juice.

    • Does your winery promotes itself using terms congruent with public perception of a winery.

    *Appropriate Location. For the purposes of this section, an Appropriate Location is a place within San Diego County, in an area devoted primarily to industrial or commercial purposes, and has no production vineyards located on site.

    I certify the above information is true.

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    San Diego, CA 92104