The name 2Plank Vineyards pays homage to the early snow skiers that pioneered the sport called “2Plankers”. 2Plankers would strap toboggans to their feet and bomb down icy hills. Being avid snow skiers our whole lives, we combined our love for the sport and passion for wine into an artisan winery and vineyard, aptly named 2Plank Vineyards.


The estate vineyard was planted in Fallbrook after much debate and research over the vineyard’s location. The decision to plant here was based on the unique growing climate and soil profile in Fallbrook. The dark, red volcanic soils are similar to the famous terra rossa of the Coonawarra region in Australia. Planted at an average elevation of 1100 feet, the vineyard is situated near the Santa Margarita River gap, which provides the daily maritime breezes necessary for slow fruit maturation. This allows the grapes to develop the optimum fruit, acid, and tannin structure necessary to make the highest quality wines. We feel that you can taste the terroir of our Red Mountain vineyard in every bottle.

The Red Mountain can definitely be defined as extreme farming. The topography includes a 15-20% grade and large quantities of volcanic rock, make it impossible to farm with machines, so every square foot of our vineyard is hand-farmed. This harsh topography also tames the vines, stressing them, pressuring them to send down roots deep into the rocky, fractured substrata. The end result is lower yields of fruit per acre, but the grapes that are harvested are concentrated with flavor. We also favor sustainable farming practices such as hand cultivating and avoiding use of pesticides.


All 2Plank wine ferments in small lots to extract optimum flavor and color, then ages in oak for 12-18 months. We try to intervene as little as possible in the wine aging process. We’d rather let the quality fruit shine through. This old-world approach coupled with our new world fruit, produces wines that are ready to drink right out of the gate, but can easily be laid down for years, to enjoy later on. Our wines are both food friendly and great for sipping.